Yellow Crookneck

Yellow Crookneck Recipe 

So delicious and easy to do!!!


Cook two slices of bacon and set aside. I undercooked the bacon just a tad as it goes back into oven later.

In the same pan, I cooked a medium-size onion.

Add some chopped parsley; bread crumbs, cinnamon, saffron & lemon (first time I did it without saffron & lemon and it was still delicious – you can’t go wrong)

Add back the crumbled bits of bacon, and a little water to help it all stick together.

Brush olive oil onto each half of the squash, salt & pepper and put the filling right on top.

Finish with crated Parmesan cheese and a few shakes of paprika.

Bake them at 350 degrees until the squash became soft.


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