We are Kingsville’s local asparagus farm.  Sweet and tender hand picked everyday…sometimes twice a day when the sun is shining!  Always a special time at the farm as this officially kicks off our season. The big question is when will it start.  Mid April we start looking at the fields twice a day to see when this glorious vegetable will pop through the dirt.  In the last few seasons it has started May 6th…BUT…we are hopefully we will see a season soon where it starts mid April and goes to mid June! 
I love to see your smiling faces coming into the store front…some folks we see almost every other day for the entire season.  We sort our asparagus into three categories.
Some like them regular!
Some like them thin!
Some like them fat!
We have fun with each person’s passionate explanation of why they believe their choice is the best.  Check out our INSPIRED RECIPES for some downright awesome ways to enjoy this veggie.  I’m always on the look out for a new way to enjoy as we live and breath asparagus for this beautiful and fleeting season.  Pasta, bacon wrapped BBQ’ed, broiled with fresh garlic & parmesan…finished with balsamic glaze.  My new favourite is Lynn Crawford’s asparagus soup recipe.  WOW!
You would think that eating this almost every day we would get our fill, but every year I go into shock when I realize it’s really ...really over again until next year.