Our motto at the farm is great produce deserves great protein. We are completely thrilled to offer the first sustainable source of rainbow trout raised exclusively in open water in the pristine waters off of Manitoulin Island.   No contaminants, hormones or anitbiotics.  Thanks to John O’s Foods for teaming up with the people of Sheshegwaning of the Odawa Nation of Anishnaabek to  bring this incredible process from lake to plate that I can truly say…doesn’t get any better than catching the fish yourself.   If you are like me…I was always doing the smell test when I purchased fish from a grocery store.  Asking my husband, does this smell fresh?  I LOVE fish and just wanted to have absolute comfort knowing it was fresh.  We are fond of calling this trout  FBF  – Fresh Beyond Frozen.   See below for the mouth watering details on how it got this nickname:
  •  Demanding  production standards create this incredible sustainable tasting protein in the cold, gorgeous clean Canadian waters at Manitoulin Island.
  •  Within hours of swimming John’s team processes the trout using the newest technology in a state of the art cryogenic freezing tunnel that flash freezes the fish and packages it in thermal sealing vac packaging.
  •  What does all this mean…once defrosted which just takes minutes you can literally smell the lake on this fish and taste how fresh it is.
  • Nutrition Rich.  Protein.  Omega 3 fatty acids.  Vitamin B Complex, D, Calcium, Iron and Zinc.
  • Go to our links tab and find INSPIRED RECIPES for some amazing ways to enjoy cooking and eating this fish!