When I first pull into Grape Lakes Farm & Vineyard I’m greeted by Dewy, a smiling dog who takes her role as the perfect hostess seriously. Without a single bark or jump, she lets you know you’re welcome at the organic farm in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada. No wonder Dewy seems so at peace here; baskets of fresh, hand-picked fruits and vegetables accompany jars of homemade jams, sauces and other goodies in the storefront. The amount of love and passion that goes into this place and its surrounding environment is so clear, it’s almost magical.

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Thank you Cindy for letting us be a part of this exciting program.  She shared the following with me and I'm can't wait to work again with her next year!

"My name is Cindy Dunn. I teach Family Studies at Kingsville District High School (KDHS).  A few years ago I took my Nutrition and Health students on a field study to ACCESS Community Garden. The employees and volunteers at ACCESS inspired us to begin our own school garden.  KDHS students participate in maintaining the garden by planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting the produce. The produce is harvested and used in our food lab to prepare a variety of healthy snacks and meals.  During the summer months, student volunteers from ACCESS maintain the garden.  

Our project is also supported by Sondra and Scott Giles of Grape Lakes Farm & Vineyard.   They have been very generous by donating a wide variety of organic seedlings.

“I enjoy working with Sondra.  She is genuinely excited to enhance the well-being of our students and to help spark the love of learning”
“Sondra’s enthusiasm for farming is contagious!”
“Our students get excited when they get the opportunity to run out to the garden to pick tomatoes and basil for preparing bruschetta or squash for harvest soups”
“Hands on learning for developing life skills focusing on healthy living”